5 Most Considerate Uncommon Gifts for Loved Ones

William Shakespeare once quoted – “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” One, who wants to see the beauty of it, finds it in everything and everywhere. It is quite similar with uncommon gifts. They may or may not appear as ‘the ideal gift’ and might offend some recipients with their unconventionality. However, they are extremely meaningful for the right recipient, the one who sees the ‘beauty’ of it. Here are some truly thoughtful uncommon gift ideas:

Paper Clips with Light: A paper clip is the ultimate gift you can give to someone, who loves to read real books (and not eBooks) well past their bedtime. Easy to fix on the book, the clip comes with flexible lights so that one can continue to read without disturbing anybody.

Paper Clips with Light

Magic Mugs: Extremely popular amongst many users, magic mugs serve a double purpose. Besides being adorable ceramic mugs to drink tea or coffee from, they also indicate when the hot beverage has turned cold.


Robotic Alarm Clock: When one needs it to wake him or her at a certain time, a robotic alarm clock makes sure he or she wakes up on time. It can be set to snooze only once as after that it’ll run away and keep beeping until one gets up.

Robotic Alarm Clock

Bottle holder: They make awesome décor pieces and utility items at the same time.

Bottle holder

Hand bell for Romance: The cutest of all uncommon gifts, please the beloved by being at his or her service as often as possible.

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