14 Unique Holiday Gifts to Newlywed Couples

We have entered the holiday season once again. This is the time of the year when we share our warmest regards to friends, relatives, and loved ones. More so in the middle of the pandemic— we need to feel each other’s warmth and be reminded that we may not be gathered physically, but our emotional bond is stronger still. 

What better way to express our love and gratitude than gift giving? Whether you are planning to give to your married or single friends, let’s admit it, buying gifts is no easy task. 

No worries, we are here to help you out. We’ll take care of the former for you. 

We have compiled a list of gift ideas for the holiday seasons that your newly wedded friends will surely love, not just for their uniqueness, but also for their usability. 

Personalized Mason Jars

No one could ever say no to these fancy, highly durable containers. What more if you customize it with your newly wedded friend’s name? Not only is it a creative choice, but it also is practical. 

Coffee Maker Set and Some Top Class Beans

Your friends will be thankful for you daily if you give them a coffee maker set and some quality coffee beans. Imagine waking up to the aroma of coffee each morning? This present might be on the pricier side, but with the memories, it can help create, don’t you think it’s worth it?


If you’re feeling extra fancy, then it’s time to buy some novelty items. Jewelry isn’t just an accessory, it also doubles as an investment. Give this to your newly wedded pals and you’ll surely make their Christmas “sparkly” in the best literal way possible. 

Relaxation Hub Gift Cards

Are your friends the type who likes to hang out at the spa and hot springs? If the answer is yes, then this gift is perfect for them. In the first place, who can resist a day at the spa?  

Personalized Face Masks

Did your pals just celebrate their first month together as an officially married couple? It would be a great idea to buy the love birds a pair of personalized face masks. Surely, those two are still riding the high of being together. So what better way to commemorate that love with matching face masks when they go outside, hand-in-hand?  

A DIY Picture Frame

Time to get a little crafty! You can never go wrong with a do-it-yourself picture frame. This is also a cute way of injecting creativity in the gift-giving season, not to mention that you could also save up on costs. 

Virtual Concert Tickets

Are your friends a musical type? We bet the extended quarantine left these folks a little sad when they couldn’t go out anymore to watch and listen to their favorite bands or musicians perform. To help shake off the blues, treating them to a virtual concert might just do the trick.

A Plant

This is perhaps one of the most sentimental suggestions we have on this list. Plants symbolize a lot of things, but most importantly, plants are a metaphor for growing through seasons in life. If you think about it, isn’t marriage that way? Growing and getting to know someone throughout the years. Surely, the lucky couple who receives a plant will appreciate the gesture.   

The Complete DVD Set of the Couple’s Favorite Movie Franchise

Imagine spending a chilly Sunday morning in a pair of pajamas, with warm coffee in hand, while your favorite rom-com series plays on the TV. Feeling snuggly? That’s exactly why. Another alternative is a month-long subscription to a streaming platform.

Scented Candles

Romantic and memorable are two of the many things you can describe a scented candle with. The fortunate couple who gets to receive one will surely feel extra luxurious and in the mood for some cuddles. 

Humidifier and Essential Oils

Time to treat the olfactory system! Humidifiers have gotten more and more trendy recently. And for really good reasons. It doesn’t just freshen up the air, it also helps people relax and de-stress.  

Painting or Prints

Looking for the perfect present for your artist friends? Look no further! Handcrafted goods such as prints or even a painting can surely brighten up their day. Seeing it hung in their living room would also remind them of their kind friends who support them and their quest for creativity.  

An Online Course

Learning never ends. More so as we find ourselves stuck at home. Give your friends the luxury of learning a new skill set or earn a certificate by enrolling them on an online course that they might love. 


Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

One of the best gifts that you can give to newlywed couples is a wedding gown preservation kit for the bride. She can use this to have her wedding gown cleaned and preserved to keep it as a memoir of the most precious day in her life. 

These are just some suggestions that we can pitch. The truth is, no one knows your friends better than you do. So before you pick out the presents you’re planning to give, take a step back and ask yourself, would this be the kind of present my friends would like to receive? If this list helped you answer that question, then we’ve done our job right.



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