10 Romantic Personalised Birthday Gifts for Her that Scream ‘I Love You’


It’s inching close to that time of the year, yet again when you need to pick the perfect gifts for your girlfriend. While your woman always adores the idea of spending time with you at the cafes, she would probably dream of something extra.

If your lady love hasn’t already left any hints for you to take cues, finding the right birthday gift for her can cause you more stress than you’d think. You might already be used to every little thing that she likes, needs, deserves and uses, but finding a single item that reeks of perfection does take some time and research.

Before you start stressing on what to impress her with, run through the guidelines of 20 impressive personalised gifts for her, and you are sure to find the one that you had been looking for.
5 Thoughtful Personalised Gifts for Your Lady Love to Make Her Feel Special
Personalised Jewellery

A customized jewellery piece need not have to cost a bomb. You can pendants or bracelets engraved with your special message or date and woo her heart. And, let’s be honest, jewellery pieces are by far the best birthday gifts. And with a dash of the customized message, it’s surely becoming one of her treasured items for years to come.

Personalised Poster Frame
Choose to monumentalism one of your special relationship milestones, like the day you first met her, or your first kiss, your first anniversary, the day you proposed her with a personalized poster frame that would have the time and place of your iconic moment. Personalised poster frames are the best way to look back on where and how your journey began.

Personalised Journal
Get your love-filled emotions flowing with a prompted fill-in-journal that would show her just how pampered and adored she is. All the journal pages shall give her so much to smile, feel nostalgic and laugh about, with a room full of ample naughty jokes, romantic memories, and some saucy one-liners as well.

Personalised Mug
Wake her up with a warm peck on her forehead, a mushy birthday wishes and a cup of hot black coffee in a personalised coffee mug. The coffee mugs can be customized with your poem that you had been pining to dedicate or a small message of inspiration to boost up her confidence or even a memorable memory.

Personalised Handwritten Letters

A mushy gift that your girlfriend would keep close to her, hand written personalised letters include a bunch of prompts to help you get the touchy words pouring. You can plan to postdate the letters for the future unveiling, so she can read through them when she misses you, or when she’s having a bad day at the office.

Super Cool and Trendy Customised Gifts for Birthday to Impress Your Woman

Personalized Wood Card

An extraordinary supplement to any gift item, the trending wooden card cut with laser is one of the sweetest ways to pamper her. You can have any message requested for engraving purposes or use a Sharpie to curate your message.

Personalised Cushions

She’s sure to be having the sleep of a princess on a super soft cushion with a memory customised on it. The personalised photo cushions keep the sadness at bay and help you combat a bad day with ease. Just the mere look of the cushion is enough to make her go ‘aww’.

Personalised Chocolates

If your lady love has an enormous sweet craving, you can choose to gift her a set of personalised chocolates packed with abundant of decadent chocolate treats that would have her heart all pumped up with joy. Choose to personalise the chocolate wrapper with your message or her birth-date or even her name to make it extra special.

Personalised Robe

Bid adieu to your social life, for the moment she slips into one of the personalised names engraved cotton robe, there’s no leaving the house for her. The robes come with massive pockets and cuffed edges and are both functional and cozy.

Personalised Plant Hangers

If she’s following her mom’s trend of going green, then plant hangers are the perfect gift for her. Personalised plant hangers can be customized with her name or message and is a classic addition to her indoor garden. Plant hangers can complement almost any type of décor style, be it modern or boho.
Commemorate the birthday of your special woman with these super-cute and special personalised gifts, that are guaranteed to make her the happiest. Go on and make her day!

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